The difference between Google Adwords and SEO

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The difference between Google Adwords and SEO

The difference between Google adwords and SEO.

A question that many clients ask us is “What’s the difference between Google Adwords and SEO?”

Here at MG Design we can create both SEO and setup a Google Adwords account, telling you how much you should spend and which keywords you should target. If you wish to discuss it further, just give us a call today.

What is SEO? The difference between Google adwords and SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a way of getting to the top of Google which can lead to you getting more customers. SEO can be created by creating quality text, images and content.  Our article here gives more details of how to create good SEO.

What is Google Adwords? 

Google Adwords is a type of SEO run by Google. It’s very popular as you’re guaranteed to get to the top of Google, providing you spend more than your competitors, however it’s alot more pricier than standard SEO.

Below we’ve put a guide of the difference between SEO and Google Adwords. If you wish to discuss anything in more detail, just give us a call.

Comparing SEO with Google Adwords



  • Alot cheaper than Google Adwords.

  • Once you stop having the SEO your placing on Google doesn’t plummet (with Google adwords it does)

  • Trusted by customers. People are much more likely to click on something that’s at the top of Google naturally, (ie. because the site is of good quality) rather than because it’s been done artificially (ie. by paying Google) Customers can tell!


  • It isn’t instant like Google Adwords, however once the listing gets to the top of Google most listings will stay in a similar position

  • Results aren’t guaranteed.

  • As soon as you stop using Google adwords your placing on Google will plummet.

Google Adwords.The difference between Google adwords and SEO.


  • Results are guaranteed, as long as you pay more money than your competitors (This is due to Google putting the people who’ve paid the most at the very top)

  • Once you pay for the service your listing will go straight to the top of Google providing your paying more money than your competitors.


  • Costs alot more than SEO. The more competition you have the more it’ll cost. It’s difficult to give a cost, but on average a budget of at least £10 a day per set of kewyords (eg. painter in Manchester would count as 1 set)

  • Your competitors maybe spending more on Google adwords than you. This means that it may be difficult, and even not possible to get onto Google using adwords, as your competitors are spending more.

  • As soon as your budget runs out, so does your placing on Google.

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